Most of the time, the death of the anime villains is a celebratory moment. But some characters just didn’t have to suffer such a tragic ending.

While most of them were pure evil, some characters had no choice but to choose to become antagonists.

Even though there is no justification for their actions, these characters successfully sparked the viewers’ sympathy and pity. Here is a list of the top 5 anime villains who didn’t deserve to die.

5. Sister Krone From Promised Neverland

Anime Villains

Sister Krone from Promised Neverland was one of the sisters who accompanied Isabella Krone in running the Grace Field House Orphanage.

But she was definitely one of the anime villains who didn’t deserve to die. As vicious and competitive as she was, it is inevitable that she was one of the victims of the overlying system.

While Isabella got to have somewhat of a Redemption Arc, Sister Krone was punished way too severely for her failures.

4. Obito Uchiha From Naruto

Anime Villains

Obito, a fallen hero from the Konohagakure, made us all forgive him because of his gradual character development and, at last, his death.

He is also known as Tobi or the Masked Man and is one of the biggest anime villains of all time. Even though he ignited the fourth Shinobi world war, we all saw how he ultimately sacrificed himself as an atonement.

3. Meruem From Hunter x Hunter

Anime Villains

Even though initially Meruem was introduced just like any other anime villains, the more we learned about him, we saw a gradual development in his character.

Meruem had a genuine motive even though it was a bit extreme. His death was a tragic incident, and we all would agree that he deserved more.

2. Oktavia Von Seckendorff From Puella Magi Madoka

Anime Villains

Sayaka’s character has to go through some of the harshest sufferings in the series. It was the horrible reality that all magical girls had to turn into monstrous witches.

She had to lose everything, including her chances at love and humanity before she transformed into Octavia. Sayaka was one of the most tragic anime villains.

1. Rolo Haliburton From Code Geass

Anime Villains

GeassRolo was a spy in the series Code Geass. He pretended to be Lelouch’s younger brother to keep tabs on him after his memory loss at the end of season 1.

But gradually, Rolo grew fond of Lelouch and started to see him as the brother he always wanted.

Eventually, Rolo gave up his life to save Lelouch. Even though he betrayed Lelouch’s trust several times, one thing was for sure he loved him genuinely. Understandably, he deserved a second chance.

Author’s Note

Well, that was our take on anime villains who didn’t deserve to die. But tell us about the antagonists that you think didn’t get what they deserved in the comments down below. And for more content just like this, bookmark our page Geekopediahub.


Who killed Sister Krone?

It was Grandmother who thought that Krone wasn’t as important as Isabella, and later, she proceeded to kill her off.

How did Obito become Tobi?

It was after everyone thought Obito was dead that he came back and introduced himself as Tobi.

Why is Sayaka called Octavia Von Seckendorff?

The name refers to the musical word octave, which might reflect her attachment to the musician Kyosuke.

Where Can I Watch Hunter x Hunter?

The series is available on platforms like Crunchyroll and Netflix.