We finally have updates on the anime adaptation of Berserk Of Gluttony! Ever since the announcement of release back in 2022, fans have been waiting eagerly to know more about this anime adaptation. The production team just shared a promotional video featuring some very exciting news.

Berserk Of Gluttony Release Date

Berserk Of Gluttony anime adaptation is set to premiere in October 2023. A more fixed date is expected soon. The release date was revealed through the anime’s main promotional video, which was recently released.

The video also reveals the cast and crew involved in the production. It also features the opening theme song Jekyll & Hyde by EverdreaM.

Berserk Of Gluttony Plot

The series will be an adaptation of the light novel series of the same name written by Ichika Isshiki and illustrated by Fame. The series was published in the shosetsuka Ni naro publishing website in 2017. It was later moved to Kakuyomu in 2022. The series also has a manga adaptation illustrated by Daisuke Takino, which was released in 2018.

Berserk Of Gluttony

The series follows Fate Graphite, who works as a gatekeeper for a noble family. Every day of his life, he has been humiliated for having useless skills. But when he accidentally kills a bandit, he finds out that his skill, which is called Glutton, actually helps him grow stronger by absorbing other’s skills and abilities.

Now, Fate leaves his job as a gatekeeper and starts his journey of growing stronger and getting back at those who humiliated him. Along the way, he discovers a sinister plot that is being plotted around him and his loved ones.

Berserk Of Gluttony Cast And Crew

Here is a list of cast and crew involved in the production of Berserk Of Gluttony.

Berserk Of Gluttony
  • Director: Tetsuya Yanagisawa
  • Series Composition: Mariko Kunisawa
  • Music: Yūichi Ōno
  • Original creator: Ichika Isshiki
  • Original Character Design: fame
  • Character Design: Takafumi Furusawa
  • Art Director:Eiji Iwase (Studio Tulip), Maika Hosoda (Studio Tulip)
  • Sound Director: Satoshi Yano
  • Director of Photography: Hiroaki Tanaka
  • Action Director: Shigeyuki Suga
  • Art Setting: Maho Takahashi (Studio Tulip)
  • Color design: Tomomi Andō
  • Editing: Motoki Niimi (REAL-T)
  • Ryota Ohsaka as Fate Graphite
  • Tomokazu Seki as Greed
  • Hisako Tōjō as Roxy Heart
  • Hitomi Sekine as Eris
  • Misato Matsuoka as Myne

Where To Watch Berserk Of Gluttony?

Crunchyroll has confirmed the premier of the anime series worldwide. More information on the broadcasting schedule is to be revealed soon.

Berserk Of Gluttony

Is There A Trailer Of Berserk Of Gluttony?

Here is a trailer of the anime series, Berserk of Gluttony.

Author’s Note

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Is Berserk of Gluttony related to fate?

The protagonist of the series is named Gate Graphite. He is the owner of the Gluttony skill, and we follow him throughout the series.

Does Berserk of Gluttony have an anime?

In 2022, A.C.G.T. announced that an anime adaptation of the series will be released. It will be directed by Tetsuya Yanagisawa and written by Mariko Kunisawa.