Want to watch all the latest Kdramas for free? No worries! Free K-drama sites aren’t a big deal these days. Below, we have a list of all the most popular as well as the safest platforms where you can watch Kdramas for free.

Whether you want to get started with Kdramas or you just couldn’t find the drama you want to watch on your usual site, this list will cover it all.

5. VIU

K-Drama sites

VIU is one of the leading Asian streaming platforms. It is one of the safest K-Drama sites and showcases almost all the popular shows. Along with that, it also updates the latest episodes as well.

It has other features like watchlists, calenders, community, etc. The app doesn’t need to log in and allows us to watch shows online as well as download them.

4. Kocowa

K-Drama sites

Kocowa is another free K-Drama site that is official and safe. The app has a secure log-in system. It houses hundreds of Kdramas as well as the latest variety shows and Kpop shows.

All the shows have English subtitles, and other languages are also available for some. The platform has a YouTube channel as well where you can enjoy the latest and exclusive clips.

3. YouTube

K-Drama sites

Yes, you’ve heard it right! YouTube is a very popular site among Kdrama lovers and houses so many Kdramas in high quality and with subtitles.

Many broadcasting channels like SBS and KBS air their shows on YouTube as well. And obviously, they are all for free.

Watch popular dramas like Dr. Romantic, the heirs, suspicious partner, My Love From Another Star, Pinocchio, and more on YouTube.

2. Viki

K-Drama sites

Viki is the hub of all the best Kdramas, and you can watch it all for free. The app airs almost all the recent dramas with episodes releasing as soon as it’s aired.

It has subtitles in a variety of languages that make the app a favorite amongst international fans. It also has features like Watchparties, Lists, Contributions, and a great community of people like you that doubles the fun of Kdramas.

1. Dramacool

K-Drama sites

If you watch Asian dramas, then you must have heard of Dramacool. It is the home to all the Asian movies and dramas and allows us to download them for free.

It is one of the most used K-drama sites among Fans, and it won’t disappoint. The app airs the latest episodes as soon as it’s released, and in a few hours, it updates the subtitles as well.

You can download and watch all the latest Kdramas as soon as possible.

Author’s Few Words

Enough of searching every single episode and then downloading it while avoiding viruses. Hopefully, this list was helpful to you.

As a fellow K-Drama lover, I would love to get more recommendations from you in the comments below.


Is Rakuten Viki free?

Yes, the app is free even though there is a premium version as well.

Is Dramacool only for K-Dramas?

No, Dramacool is the home to all the Asian shows and movies. The region varies from Chinese, Korean, Thai, Japanese, and more, and it also includes a variety of genres like dramas, movies, documentaries, and more.