There’s nothing more satisfying than watching your favorite characters with polar opposite personalities, fall in love over the course of the series.

Here, we have our top ten enemies to lovers manhwas. So let’s get right into it!

10. Goodbye, In-law!

enemies to lovers
enemies to lovers manhwas

Goodbye, In-law is a romantic slice-of-life webtoon by author Gyogyo Park, and it definitely deserves a spot in our top enemies-to-lovers manhwas.

It follows the two main leads, Jung Da-ae and Lee Han-eol. They are mortal enemies due to a misunderstanding 8 years ago.

Both of them got hit by a truck when they were fighting in the middle of the road. Now, they are transported back to their high school days. Is this their chance to fix everything?

9. The Lady Tames The Swordmaster

enemies to lovers manhwas
enemies to lovers manhwas

If you are looking for fantasy romance enemies to lovers manhwas, then look no further because you’ll find all those elements in The Lady Tames The Swordmaster.

This is an isekai Japanese manhwa by author Firelady and Miyashima. It is about Istina, a normal high school teenager until she gets hit by lightning and transported inside her favorite novel.

She’s excited to meet her favorite character, Laon, but she realizes that she is the bully who torments him. Along with mending their relationship, Istina also has to protect Laon from dying while protecting the female lead.

Will she be able to tame the Swordmaster and change the ending?

8. There’s No Friendship Between the Grand Duke and the Marquis

enemies to lovers manhwas
enemies to lovers manhwas

This historical fantasy There’s No Friendship Between the Grand Duke and the Marquis webtoon is one of the must-read enemies of lovers of manhwa.

Written by Tiba, Yell Yell, and Hakucaron, this is a 2022 Korean manhwa. Ordo agrees to pretend to be her sister, when her sister gets sick, to attend the royal meeting in exchange for a telescope.

However, she gets entangled with a strange person who turns out to be a Duke. Will friendship be able to bloom in their relationship?

7. Falling For The Enemy

enemies to lovers manhwas
enemies to lovers manhwas

Falling for the Enemy by Mieun Lee and Manta Comics is one of those unrequited love and enemies to lovers manhwas that you just can’t miss.

This manhwa tells the story of Lia, who masters swordsmanship and became the first female commander of a Knights battalion.

But her only problem is Duke Edgar. Why won’t he stop messing with her? Why does he blush whenever their eyes meet?

6. To Love Your Enemy

enemies to lovers manhwas
enemies to lovers manhwas

This To Love Your Enemy Manhwa is about Yeonhee Bae, who swears to leave her past behind and make a fresh start by going to college at 24.

All is going well until she meets someone who knows all about her dark past and can completely destroy her hopes for a normal life.

Amidst college gossip, crushes, and jealousy, author Jungyoon’s To Love Your Enemy is the perfect college enemies to lovers manhwa.

5. So I Married The Anti-Fan

enemies to lovers manhwas
enemies to lovers manhwas

Now a major Kdrama adaptation, obviously we had to add author Jaerim’s So I Married The Anti-Fan. Geunyeong Lee has lost her house, job, and everything else because of one person. He is none other than Korea’s superstar, Joon.

When they are cast together in a reality show called So I Married The Anti-Fan, they get a chance to get to know each other from a different perspective making it difficult for Geunyoung to hate him anymore.

Is she going to take him down once and for all, or is this superstar hiding something?

4. I Only Want To Beat You

enemies to lovers manhwas
enemies to lovers manhwas

The best kind of enemies to lovers manhwas are obviously academic rivals. Meet Gigo Lee, the male lead who has not lost a single time in his lifetime. On the contrary, meet Roji Oh, the female lead who defeated him.

I Only Want To Beat You follows two high school students with completely different personalities. Their competitiveness brings them closer, resulting in this lighthearted romantic comedy series.

3. Subzero

enemies to lovers manhwas
enemies to lovers manhwas

Nothing makes enemies to lovers manhwas better than marriage for convenience. Subzero is a fantasy romantic webtoon by artist Junepurrr.

The story follows Prince Kyromand and Princess Clove, who belongs to two rival clans. They get married to their greatest sworn enemy in an effort to bring peace to their land.

However, what happens when their begrudging union turns into something more?

2. ‘Til Debt Do Us Part

enemies to lovers manhwas
enemies to lovers manhwas

If you are looking for more mature romantic enemies to lovers manhwas, then ‘Til Debt Do Us Part is for you!’

This manhwa follows Subin, a restaurant manager who’s tired of paying off her parent’s debts and going on dates set up by her mom.

She usually turns them all down, but things start to get complicated when she meets her old high school friend, Ji Yejun, to whom she owes a lot of money. Yejun asks her to marry him for a year in return for clearing her debt.

Is Yejun finally on her way out of debt, or is he just a devil in disguise?

1. Our Beloved Summer

And our top pick for best enemies to lovers manhwas is *drumrolls* Our Beloved Summer!

enemies to lovers manhwas
enemies to lovers manhwas

A major kdrama adaptation now, Our Beloved Summer by author Han Kyoung Chal, is the perfect summer read. What happens when the top-of-the-class student and dead-last-ranked student are brought together to film a documentary?

It is not just about their grades. Everything about Guk Yeonsoo and Choi Wung couldn’t be more different, and they are not exactly thrilled to film this documentary.

But as the month passes by, they slowly start to learn each other’s secrets. One thing is for sure – they’ll never forget this summer!

Author’s Few Words

Enemies to lovers is one of the most popular tropes in this industry, and we have to admit that we just can’t get enough of it. Tell us about your favorite ones in the comments if we have missed them.


Where can I read manhwas?

Most of these manhwas are available on the webtoon app as well as platforms like HARIMANGA, Coffee Manga, and more.

How many episodes are there in Our Beloved Summer?

The Our Beloved Summer series has 20 episodes.