Want an honest and spoiler-free review of the hit Kdrama, Mr. Queen? Then this article is just what you are looking for. Read on to know everything about it.

Mr. Queen: Not Your Typical Saeguk Drama

Mr. Queen

Mr. Queen is definitely not your typical Saeguk Kdrama. Unlike Moon Embracing The Sun, Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, Rookie Historian: Goo Hae Ryung, and more, this series flaunts the rich history of Korea while including references to modern pop culture, making it a very unique experience for the viewers.

The drama introduces very distinct elements like body-swapping, gender-based identity crises, past-meets-modern, having alter-egos, and more.

The drama revolves around Jang Bong Hwan, a highly acclaimed chef who gets into some trouble, and he m jumps from his apartment, and ends up in a vegetative state in the hospital.

However, when he opens his eyes, he finds himself back in the Joseom era and in the body of the Queen!

Mr. Queen

Now, Bong Hwan, in the body of the Queen Consort of King Cheoljong, tries to manage to live in the Palace with no etiquette and previous experience whatsoever.

It is a hilarious series with twists and turns to keep us waiting for the next episodes.

Mr. Queen: Meet The Loveable And The Scene-Stealing Characters

Shin Hye Sun was made for the role of Queen So Yong and did such a good job of bringing this goofy and loveable character to life. The most interesting part of her acting was the way she kept reminding us of Chef Jang Bong Hwan with her manly acting.

Along with her, we have King Cheol Jong, played by Kim Jung Hyun. His character is portrayed as a puppet king, but actually, he’s very smart and is involved in many secret missions.

Mr. Queen

Seol In Ah plays the role of Jo Hwa Jin, the royal Concubine, and Na In Woo plays Kim Byung In, the Queen’s cousin who has romantic feelings for her.

Mr. Queen is filled with characters that will steal your heart. Each and every character was well-written and memorable which you will find yourself growing fond of.

Mr. Queen: Skip Or Watch?

A final verdict on Mr. Queen is that it is a must-watch. It doesn’t matter if you’re more into classical Saeguks or modern rom-com, it is one of those dramas that is enjoyed by everyone.

The drama is rated as one of the top 10 Kdramas of all time, and we couldn’t agree more.

Author’s Few Words

So that was our honest review of Mr. Queen. But we’ll love to hear what you think about it. Let us know in the comments down below.

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Where can I watch Mr. Queen?

You can watch the series on Netflix or Viki.

Is Mr. Queen an adaptation?

Yes, the drama is adapted from the Chinese novel “The Promotion Record Of A Crown Princess by Xian Cheng.” There is also a Chinese web drama named Go Princess Go.

How many episodes are there in the series?

There are 20 episodes in Mr. Queen.