The One Man Punch season 3 has been officially announced! As of now, nothing has been confirmed, but the fans have assumed that it will be released by early 2024.

For now, the fans are more interested in the manga series to have an idea of further events. So, here we have explained where you should start the One Man Punch manga series.

Where To Pick Up The One Man Punch Manga Series?

This Japanese superhero manga series was created by the writer and illustrator One. The original manga series was released as early as 2009. A digital manga version was released in 2012 by Yusuke Murata.

As of 2023, this version has 28 tankobon volumes. The manga series has been one of the best-selling of all time, with over 30 million copies sold worldwide.

One Man Punch

The anime adaptation was started in 2015 by Madhouse, the same studio that produced Death Note, Wicked City, Ninja Scroll, and more. Season 3 of this series has been recently announced, and it has already become one of the most anticipated projects of all time.

The first season of the anime series covered the first seven volumes, which are the first 37 chapters of the manga series.

The second season covered the 17th volume, which is till chapter 85 of the manga series. Fans wanting to start the manga should start from chapter 86. You can read it on the Shonen Jump+ manga series application.

Author’s Note

That was everything about the One Man Punch manga series. Let us know in the comments what you’re expecting from season 3, and for more updates, stay tuned with Geekopediahub.


When will chapter 190 of the manga series be released?

The latest chapter 190 of the One Man Punch manga series is expected to be released on August 10.

How many episodes of the anime series are there in total?

The anime series has 2 seasons as of now, with 24 episodes in total.