One Punch Man is one of those anime that needs to introduction sheerly due to its massive popularity and enjoyability. The last episode, “Justice Under Siege” was released in June of 2019 and there has been a loud silence regarding this epic series ever since. But today, we have good news as this article will contain all the information you need about the latest season of this series created by ONE and Yusuke Murata

One Punch Man season 3 Release Date

The third season of the series is to be released by December 2024, there is not much detail about the episodes but the series will most likely consist of 12 episodes.

We have rounded off this particular date because there has been a gap of 4 years between seasons 1 and 2, and we have taken a 5-year gap because Yusuke the original author may have his hands full building his own studio named Zayuki.

We try to provide authentic information unlike other sites, and don’t try to share any fake news as recently a Twitter account got suspended and reported by OPM’s official Twitter account for sharing misleading information.

The announcement for OPM 3 has not been officially confirmed but it has a 99% chance of getting a sequel because the anime news network has already created a separate page for it and daily ongoing collaborations, an active Twitter account, huge sales, strong fan base and repeat broadcasts of OPM are a sign that we will be hearing the official news soon.

One Punch Man Season – The Story So Far

In the last episode of season 2, we see how the Hero Association fought neck-to-neck with the Monster Association. With heroes and monsters falling apart, Saitama beats Garou in an enthralling one-on-one fight and joins the other heroes to emerge victorious.

One Punch Man Season - The Story So Far

In the season finale, Saitama beats Orochi, the leader of the Monster Association, and ends this farce once and for all. I loved that even after saving the world, Saitama returned to being the normal bald dude that he is, always looking for discounts in the convenience store.

One Punch Man Season 3 Cast

The third will likely feature these characters and their voice actors:

One Punch Man Season 3 Cast
  • Makoto Furukawa as Saitama 
  • Kaito Ishikawa as Genos
  • Hikaru Midorikawa as Garou
  • Hiroki Yasumoto as King
  • Aoi Yuuki as Tatsumaki and
  • Saori Hayami as Fubuki

One Punch Man Season 3 Plot and Storyline

After the chaotic yet satisfying conclusion of the second season, no less is expected from the third and it certainly will deliver. The third season, or as many may call it, “The Monster Association” arc will have a ton of intense action scenes and amazing backstories.

One Punch Man Season 3 Plot and Storyline

Garou is also speculated to make a return, being stronger than ever. Without diving into spoilers, it is safe to say that One Punch Man season 3 will surely be a contender for Anime of The Year.

One Punch Man season 3 has an animation studio change

One Punch Man has always had a controversy revolving around the animation studio. The first season was animated by MadHouse and the popularity was off the roof. For the second season though, it didn’t go very well as J.C. staff messed up big time and it was detrimental to the anime’s receptiveness.

One Punch Man season 3 has an animation studio change

However, this controversy is bound to increase as the third season will be animated by none other than MAPPA Studio. MAPPA has gained a considerable number of haters and lovers alike in a very short span.

Having animated series like Attack On Titan season 4, Chainsaw Man, Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War arc, Vinland Saga season 2, and Hell’s Paradise (Two of which are airing at the moment), fans have been polarized and we can only hope that minimal CGI is used and that the series is a success.

Is there any One Punch Man Season 3 official trailer released yet?

No official trailer has been revealed yet, but once it gets available we will surely update the same.

Where to Watch One Punch Man Season 3?

One Punch Man Season 3 will definitely be available both on Netflix and Crunchyroll.

Writer’s Few Words

I hope this article was informative to you and I am looking forward to the release of this spectacular series. We can’t end a Saitama article without asking the Holy Question, who would win in a 1v1 fight, Goku or Saitama? Comment below.


Will One Punch Man have season 3?

Yes, there will be another season and it will be released by 2024.

Why is One Punch Man season 3 taking so long?

There could be many reasons why but the main reason could be that Yusuke Murata is building his own studio named Zayuki which means he has invested in his studio this year which can be a reason for delay of OPM 3.