The Tatsunoko Production and Avex pictures have officially revealed the trailer, a few visuals, and the release date of the Pole Princess anime film.

This Japanese ONA series is set to premiere on November 23, 2023. Go through the article to know more about the release dates, plot, and other interesting matters in the film.

All You Need to Know About Pole Princess Anime Film

Pole Princess is a Japanese anime film on pole dancing animated by Tatsunoko Productions and produced by Avex Pictures. As Pole Princess is an Original Net Animation(ONA) each episode last not more than 7 minutes as compared to other anime episodes duration.

The main protagonist of Pole Princess!! is Hinano Hoshikita, a 17-year-old who stumbles on pole dancing by sheer chance and begins to enjoy it.

The project is a coming-of-age tale about the struggles and development of young girls whose lives are profoundly altered by their exposure to pole dancing.

The story of the Pole Princess anime film revolves around Hinano Hoshikita and her friends as they compete in the “Pole Dance Japan Cup” tournament as the Galaxy Princesses. They will face Alie d’Ange, the competition’s four-time champion team.

Pole Princess!! The Movie


The title of the upcoming film is “Pole Princess! The Movie”. The movie is being animated in a hybrid way that is noticeably more anime-like way than the series, as evidenced by the trailer.

The fans seem more interested in the film the anime also has a few 3D animation scenes in it which was pulled off before in many films.

The Pole Princess anime film will be released in Japan on November 23, 2023. There is no other information on the international release of the film.

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