Looking for some Shinobi Legend Codes? The developer do many things to keep their players engaged. This time the developers share the gift codes of Shinobi Legend. The developers share the gift codes with all the players so they can have the upper hand in the game, and they should not face any difficulty during the match. 

About Shinobi Legend

This game is a strategy-making Ninja-type game in which you play the role of captain. The graphics are anime-type, and the game is super smooth and easy to play. Recruit legendary ninjas in your team and design your team as you wish to be. With the help of your team, defeat the other clan, destroy the ninja world and win against them.


  • Anime type graphics
  • Every ninja has 2D animation of unique skills
  • Build a team with legendary ninjas.
  • Play strategically to win.
  • Make Relationships with cute girls in the game.

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How to Download Shinobi Legend?

The game is available to download on the following sites.

Shinobi Legend Codes

  • HF666
  • HF777
  • HF888
  • 12Y298S99566

Expired Codes

The game does not have any expired codes still now. Hurry up and redeem all the gift codes, before it gets expired.

How to Redeem Shinobi Legend Codes?

Those who don’t know how to redeem the Shinobi Legend Codes follow the following steps mentioned below.

  • Click on Avatar on the homepage of the game.
  • Click on the redeem option on the right side.
  • Enter the gift codes and redeem the exciting surprises from the game. 

Where to Find New Codes?

The developers share the information about gift codes on the official Facebook page of the game. To save time from searching the gift codes, bookmark the page to get all the information here.