PVR has won all Indian otakus’ hearts with Suzume’s Fan Screening Event. But the sad part is that no one covered this event in their blog!

But hey! No worries, our team made it to Suzume’s Fan Screening Event and have come back with their experiences and fan interviews.

If you don’t believe us, then; you can also check out the pictures.

Our team sponsored some of the best members to capture the events and pen down everything they felt, so before you dip into their experiences, how about we tell you more about the event and how can you make sure that you don’t miss out on the next fan screening events

Suzume’s Fan Screening Event India News

The announcement of Suzume’s Fan Screening Event was made by PVR on Twitter. They announced the exclusive one-day event on 9th April 2023. Fans will also receive autographed posters. The event was held in selected cities like Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, and Bangalore.

Now that we have shared the details with you let’s move on to what our members have to say about who watched the movie.

Members’ Comments

How did you come to know about Suzume’s Fan Screening Event?

” Well, it was past 2 am when I was watching reels *guilty face* and suddenly scrolled to a reel video sharing the news on Suzume’s Fan Screening Event, and that’s when I decided we had to cover it for the anime community because no one else will”

How was the crowd at Suzume’s Fan Screening Event?

” We reached the Priya XL PVR, New Delhi 1 hour before the fan screening event and at first there was no one, later; on as time passed we saw more and more otakus.

Some were wearing their favorite anime T-shirts, while some wore accessories, and yes there were cosplayers too!”

Suzume's Fan Screening Event: What Indian Fans Have to Say?

What does the poster of Suzume look like?

“After we entered the lobby, we were asked to take the posters which were securely packed in a cylindrical-shaped container.

When I opened it, I was literally on the verge of tears after looking at them because I have been watching Makoto Shinkai’s movies like “Weathering with You” and “Your Name”, among others. We were not just given one poster but three in total!

Suzume's Fan Screening Event: What Indian Fans Have to Say?

Indian Fans’ Comments on Suzume’s Fan Screening Event

So enough with the member’s comments, it’s time for comments shared by the audience that the reporters interviewed after the movie.

Did you enjoy Suzume’s Fan Screening Event?

Anirban Chatterjee: “Yes! I loved everything about it from the music to the artwork everything was perfect and feels like it the one of the best Makoto Shinkai works as of now.”

Which scene did you enjoy the most in Suzume’s movie?

Neha Tiwari: “I think it will be the part when Souta got turned into a chair by that demon-like cat, and I laughed my guts out, apart from; the comedy scene, I think the scene where Souta turns into Keystone broke my heart and how can I forget the part where Suzume finally breaks out of her childhood trauma”

Suzume's Fan Screening Event: What Indian Fans Have to Say?

How much will you rate Suzume’s movie?

Abhishek Rathore: ” I will give it 9/10, I mean, I don’t give 10/10 easily but; yes it deserves 9/10 because everything felt thrilling, wholesome, and relaxing at the same time”

Do you want more fan screening events like Suzume?

Shubham Thakur: ” Yes! I think PVR should do more of these and promote anime in India and I feel lucky to be here.”

Suzume's Fan Screening Event: What Indian Fans Have to Say?

Suzume Short Anime Review: Spoilers Free

You will not get disappointed with the movie, no matter how much you try. Maybe, in the beginning, you will think, “Oh! It’s nothing new, it will be just like the other movies,” but no, you are wrong here. Everything from the story to the characters will draw you in.

To be honest, haven’t you already gotten addicted to the opening song of Suzume? I mean, the OP is used everywhere in anime edits and reel videos.

Although some people might have made it cringe or overhyped it, the anime itself is beautiful. It will slowly make you fall in love.

The detailed art and background will make you want to go to Japan. The characters have unique personalities, and their development felt as natural as breathing.

Plus, the songs and sounds were so appropriate in each scene that I don’t know how to describe it in words. Plus, the moment Suzume opens the door, we can already anticipate that a whole adventure awaits us.

It’s not any typical rom-com anime movie that you have seen before, but it’s a beautiful movie that has woven all the elements together.

All I can say is that instead of deciding whether to watch it or not, I would say just go and watch it! You will thank me later. Suzume will release officially in India on April 21, 2023, so make sure to book your tickets!

How to Participate in Fan Screening Events in India?

Getting updates on fan screening events is challenging especially in India because you never know when it will get announced, and usually such events are announced only 24 hours before the screening.

What you can do is that; if you have an anime movie in mind that you think to have a chance to make it to India, then; make sure to check updates or news on it regularly.

Author’s Few Words

That’s all we covered, we know you might be feeling disheartened to miss out on the special Suzume’s Fan Screening Event but worry not our team will make sure to share the official news on such events as soon as they are released, so make sure to bookmark our page for more updates!