Are you ready for The Great Cleric episode 11? The previous episode ended on a hilarious note with Luciel finding out he has lost his libido with the overuse of Substance X. We can’t wait to see what the next episode will reveal. Read on to find out everything you need to know as you wait for The Great Cleric episode 11.

The Great Cleric Episode 11 Release Date

Episode 11 of The Great Cleric will be released on 15 September 2023. The new episodes of this series are updated every week on Friday.

The Great Cleric Episode 11

The Great Cleric Episode 11 Release Timings

The episodes of The Great Cleric are released on Friday at 2:00 AM in Japan.

  • Pacific Standard Time (PST): 10:00 am, Thursday, September 14
  • Eastern Standard Time (EST): 1:00 pm, Thursday, September 14
  • British Summer Time (BST): 6:00 pm, Thursday, September 14
  • Central European Summer Time (CEST): 7:00 pm, Thursday, September 14
  • Indian Standard Time (IST): 10:30 pm, Thursday, September 14
  • Philippine Standard Time (PHT): 1:00 am Friday, September 15
  • Japanese Standard Time: 2:00 am JST, Friday, September 15
  • Australia Central Standard Time (ACST): 2:30 am Friday, September 15

Where To Watch The Great Cleric Episode 11?

The japanese anime series The Great Cleric is airing on TBS, BS11, AT-X, TBh, TBS Channel 1, and a few other local channels in Japan. Once the episode is aired, international fans can watch it on Crunchyroll.

The Great Cleric Episode 10 Recap

The Great Cleric episode 10 was titled The Secret of Substance X. In this episode, we see Luciel heading to the local Adventurer’s Guild to order 10 more barrels of Substance X. The owner of the Guild asked him to heal the people living there, to which Luciel agreed.

He used an area-of-effect spell to heal everyone at once. The adventurers came up with a nickname for him and started calling him Saint Weirdo.

The Great Cleric Episode 11

Luciel met Cattleya, who gave him words of encouragement. He headed into the Labyrinth again and came back in less than a week. He finds out that Cattleya had collected new weapons, armor, and items for him from the Pope. Cattleya revealed that Substance X is actually a drug that is influencing his skills.

Luciel went with her to meet the Pope, who claimed it was originally made to awaken people’s hidden talents. It used to be used in pill form back in those days, but a device was created to replicate it into liquid form, which was renamed as God’s Lament.

Luciel also received a letter from the Pope, which revealed all the benefits of Substance X. But it can eliminate a person’s primal urges. The episode concluded with Luciel finding out he had lost his libido after using the drink so heavily.

The Great Cleric Episode 11 Preview

As of yet, the Great Cleric episode 11 has no confirmed spoilers. But we will likely see Luciel focusing on his training. It is also expected to see Luciel finally hearing back from his lady friends in Merratoni. It might even reveal them finding out about the consequences of Substance X.

The Great Cleric Episode 11

Author’s Note

That was everything about The Great Cleric episode 11. This anime series based on the light novel series written by Broccoli Lion is one of the most loved summer anime 2023. We can’t believe that it is finally coming to an end. Let us know in the comments about your thoughts, and for more updates, stay tuned with Geekopediahub.