Breakdown of the 3 different types of Devil Fruits in One Piece. One Piece is a manga series that has been running for 25 years. No small synopsis or summary will do justice to the absolute masterpiece and the most-selling manga of all time (500 million+ copies).

And after outselling even the legendary Batman in sales, it is undoubtedly clear that this series by Eiichiro Oda will perpetually remain in the hearts of the fans, myself included. Today, we bring you this article to help you understand the series better. 

Devil Fruits are one of the two power systems in One Piece. They grant the consumers various powers in return for their ability to Swim in the Ocean. It doesn’t seem very feasible for pirates as they mainly operate in the waters, but, Pirates do have a knack for not following the rules.

There are mainly three types of Devil Fruits (Akuma No Mi), and we will go through each one of them in detail:

  • Paramecia
  • Logia 
  • Zoan (Standard, Mythical, and Ancient) 

1.     Paramecia

This type of Devil Fruit alters its user’s bodies so that they can control/manipulate their body or their surroundings. These are the most common Devil Fruits found in the One Piece universe.

An example of a Paramecia Devil Fruit is the Hana-Hana No Mi, which is eaten by Nico Robin. This DF allows Robin to spawn multiple clones of her limbs and with enough training, even make clones of herself.

This is very useful for a sneaky character like Robin and is one of the important Devil Fruits in One Piece and we saw how strong it is during her fight with Black Maria on Onigashima of the Wano Arc.

Devil Fruits in One Piece
Devil Fruits in One Piece

Not all Paramecia Devil Fruits are the same but many have similar powers. For example, Ms. Valentine’s Kilo-Kilo No Mi has almost identical powers to the Ton-Ton No Mi eaten by Machivise. Some of the strongest Paramecia Devil Fruits in the series include Ope-Ope No Mi (User- Trafalgar Law) and Gura-Gura No mi (User- Blackbeard).

It is important to note that Paramecia Devil Fruits don’t necessarily affect the user’s physical powers, often, the user’s mental prowess is also altered after consuming this type of Devil Fruit as we can see that Dr. Vegapunk ate the Nomi-Nomi No Mi (Brain-Brain Fruit).

While Vegapunk is a genius even without the Devil Fruit, the Brain-Brain Fruit helped him tremendously by allowing him to store all data that he ever comes across by expanding the size of his brain.

Devil Fruits in One Piece
Devil Fruits in One Piece

There is one sub-type of Paramecia Devil Fruit that doesn’t fit in any of these categories, the Special Paramecia category. Charlotte Katakuri has eaten such a fruit (Mochi-Mochi fruit).

It has Logia-like powers but is confirmed by Oda that the Mochi-Mochi fruit is a special Paramecia. We will discuss the Logia Devil Fruits next.

2.     Logia

Now, Logia Devil Fruits are the rarest of the rare. These Devil Fruits are extremely powerful, allowing the user to control a specific element or substance.

For instance, a Logia user can turn into ice, fire, magma, darkness, etc. at will and even produce large amounts of said element. Physical attacks without strong Armament Haki will do little to no damage to these users as they can become intangible.

Devil Fruits in One Piece
Devil Fruits in One Piece

The first-ever Logia user we met was the now vice-admiral Smoker in the Lougetown arc. He consumed the Smoke-Smoke fruit, allowing him to alter and manipulate smoke at will.

It gave Luffy a really hard time as he wasn’t accustomed to fighting such opponents showing how strong these fruits are. Aramaki, or green bull, is the newest addition to the admiral forces. It was revealed that he has the Forest-Forest fruit, which allows him to turn into a forest and use all forest-like abilities at will.

Now this is a tricky one as this Devil Fruit wasn’t fully intangible but most Logia Devil Fruits are untouchable.

Devil Fruits in One Piece
Devil Fruits in One Piece

Other Logia Devil Fruits like the Hei-Hei No Mi (User- Kuzan) have shown time and time again that no one should underestimate the powers of Logia Devil Fruits.

But on the other hand, some Logia fruits aren’t as terrifying as darkness or magma, some Devil Fruits like the Swamp-Swamp fruit is one such fruit that looks docile and harmless, but depending on the user, they can prove to be very strong. Iconic characters like Ace, Marshall D. Teach and Sakazuki are all Logia Users.

3.     Zoan 

· Standard Zoan

This type of Devil Fruit allows its user to turn into an animal at will. This may sound boring and not as cool as Logia but stay with me for a minute. Zoan Devil Fruit users can turn into beast, beast-human, and human forms (with a few exceptions like Chopper and Black Maria who can alter their bodies by using drugs, medication, etc.).

It is also confirmed in the manga that Zoan Devil Fruits have a will of their own, which means that some of the primary characteristics of the Animal will also affect the user.

Pell and Chaka from the Alabasta arc are some Zoan fruit users and along with being able to turn into a Falcon and Jackal respectively, they also inherited the traits of those animals.

Chopper is another example of this type as consumed the Hito-Hito No Mi, which allows Chopper, a reindeer to turn into a human, half-human, and reindeer form.

Devil Fruits in One Piece
Devil Fruits in One Piece

· Mythical Zoan

Mythical Zoan Devil Fruits are the rarest in the entire series, even rarer than Logia fruits. These fruits allow their users to turn into Mythical creatures and grant them the abilities of the said creature as well.

Eat this fruit, and you can turn into a Dragon, a Phoenix, and whatnot!! Kaido, the main antagonist of the Wano Arc consumed the Fish-Fish fruit, Model: Azure Dragon. Kaido can transform his body into a full Azure Dragon and a crossbreed Human Dragon at will.

With this, he also can control the Weather, Fire, and Lighting. Just like every other fruit, the powers of the fruit are also dependent on the user but even a weak pirate would thrive after consuming any Mythical Zoan Fruit. 

Marco, the fan-favorite also boasts the Phoenix Mythical fruit that allows him to turn into a Phoenix and also use fire abilities to heal people and there is a huge speculation that after dying, Marco will be reborn again thanks to the powers of his Devil Fruit.

There is another amazing Mythical Zoan fruit and it is going to get animated in the anime soon. So, keep your hopes up because your mind is about to be blown away!!

Devil Fruits in One Piece
Devil Fruits in One Piece

· Ancient Zoan

These Devil Fruits allow the user to turn into an ancient creature. Dinosaurs, Huge spiders, you name it. We saw a multitude of these fruits mainly in the Wano Country arc.

All three of Kaido’s commanders, the Three Calamities, used the Ancient Devil Fruits. King had the Ryu-Ryu No Mi, Model: Pteranodon which, as the name suggests allows him to turn into a Pteranodon or a hybrid at will.

Queen is a user of the Ryu-Ryu No Mi, Model: Brachiosaurus. And finally, Jack has consumed the Zou-Zou No Mi, Model: Mammoth. Along with sheer strength and endurance, these Devil Fruits also provide the users with some of the traits of the creature, making them vicious and incredibly powerful.

Devil Fruits in One Piece
Devil Fruits in One Piece

With this, our list of breakdowns of the different types of Devil Fruits in One Piece comes to an end.

Writer’s few words

It was not an easy job to go through all the Devil Fruit types in a series as massive as One Piece, but I believe that it was informative and most importantly, entertaining.