Zom 100 season 2 is being rumoured as the fans are highly requesting. The series concluded with success on Netflix and Crunchyroll. Fans are wondering if the anime series will get a second season or not. Here is everything we know about Zom 100 season 2. 

Zom 100 Season 2 Release Date

As of yet, the anime series Zom 100: Bucket List Of The Dead is not renewed for season 2. But due to the anime‚Äôs popularity and the high demand for a sequel, a second season is being rumoured. The fans will have to wait a little more before the streaming platforms make an official announcement. 

Zom 100 Season 2 Release Date

Zom 100 Season 2 Plot

The Zom 100: Bucket List Of The Dead is a Japanese manga series written by Haro Ask and illustrated by Kotaro Takata. The series was released in 2018 when it immediately won the hearts of fans. It also has an anime adaptation, which is airing right now.

This comic horror film revolves around 24-year-old Akira, an average office worker. He has spent his retirement life just working and being bullied by his boss. He feels like a zombie trapped in this continuous routine and meaningless life.

But his dull life suddenly feels a lot more energetic and alive when the world is struck by a zombie apocalypse and the people’s lives are turned upside down. But to Akira, he sees it as an opportunity to enjoy his life to the fullest. Akira creates a bucket list with 100 things he wants to do before he turns into a zombie. 

With the company of his friend, Kenichiro, Akira sets off on an exciting and dangerous excursion through the infected city. On their way, they meet other survivors as well. Together, they face their anxieties, build friendships, and live their life to the fullest.

Zom 100 Season 2 Cast And Crew

Here are all the cast and crew members expected to return for Zom 100 season 2.

Zom 100 Season 2 Cast And Crew
  • Director – Yusuke Ishida
  • Writer – Haro Aso, Kotark Takata, Tatsuro Mishima
  • Producer – Akira Morii
  • Cinematographer – Satory Tanaka
  • Eiji Akaso as Akira Tendo
  • Mai Shiraishi – Shizuka Mikazuki
  • Shuntaro Yanagi – Kenichiro Ryuzaki
  • Yui Ichikawa
  • Mayo Kawasaki
  • Akari Hayami
  • Miwako Kakei
  • Kazuki Kitamura – Gonzo Kosugi

Where To Watch Zom 100 Season 2?

The first season of the Zom 100 anime series was released on Netflix as well as Crunchyroll. The Zom 100 season 2 is also expected to be streamed by both platforms. 

Where To Watch Zom 100 Season 2?

Is There A Trailer Of Zom 100 Season 2?

As of yet, there is no trailer or teaser for the second season of Zom 100. 

Author’s Note

Have you guys watched Zom 100 yet? If not, then now is the perfect time to catch up on this anime series. Let us know in the comments what you are expecting from the second season of Zom 100. For more updates, stay tuned with Geekopediahub. 


How many episodes are there in the anime adaptation?

The first season of the anime adaptation just finished airing with 12 episodes. You can watch all the episodes on Netflix as well as Crunchyroll

How many volumes are there in the manga adaptation?

The manga adaptation has 14 tankobon volumes, which are serialized in the monthly Sunday Gene-X.

Who stars in the live-adaptation movie of Zom 100?

The live-action movie stars Eiji Akaso, Mai Shiraishi, Shuntari Yanagi, Yui Ichikawa, Miwako Kakei and more. You can watch the Zom 100 movie on Netflix